To define a modern application , let us analyze the requirements of a modern software application in todays digital world which is changing by the hour.

To start with, let us say we have a customer facing web application( e.g. Zomato / CoWIN) that is just launched in the market.

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer ( CKAD ) is a hands on performance based exam and its always good to practice as many CKAD sample questions as we can.

Below are some practice questions for CKAD Exam that will help you understand the concepts better and also help increase the speed.

Latency is the time taken for a network packet to go from source to destination and come back.

bandwidth is the width of the (network) band. bandwidth measures how much data that can be transferred from source to destination.

bandwidth is how big is the highway whereas latency is the…

Resiliency is an important feature that any Application should possess. A Resilient application handles failure gracefully and do not become unavailable when a failure occurs.

Let us take an example of a Microservices based application where

Microservice A is calling Microservice B


Microservice B is calling Microservice C


Tarun Ghai

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